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Midawarr | Harvest

Mulkun Wirrpanda

Mulkun Wirrpanda

Mulkun Wirrpanda is a senior elder of the Dhudi-Djapu clan of the Dhuwa moiety. Her early life was spent with her family in the normal pursuits of living from the land and marking life's process through ceremonial activity. She was an early pioneer of the Homeland Movement and has until recently spent all of her time in the remote homelands of Yilpara, Dhuruputjpi and Gangan. She has been making art since the 1980s and is a senior ceremonial authority. Her passion for the land and its law is being continued by her two daughters, Yalmakany and Gurrundul, who are both senior rangers, and her son, Borrak, who is a lawman.

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