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Wedding guest card

Object information

Physical description

Wedding guest card. Folded paper ruled on one side with handwritten text "Best wishes from / M [?] Starr [?]".

Statement of significance

The Stella Taber collection consists of a wedding outfit (skirt, blouse, slip, belt, hat, gloves and shoes), a 'going away' dress and jacket and two wedding photographs. They are associated with the wedding of Stella Mary Searle to Wallace Neville Taber in late 1942.

Stella Taber led a rich and varied life as a primary school teacher, farmer's wife and mature-aged student. This collection provides an insight into a wartime Australian wedding. The clothes bear the label 'Lucy Secor', a fashionable and exclusive women's label throughout Australia during the 1930s and 1940s. Few museums hold any Lucy Secor clothing, so in themselves, the clothes are highly significant. Further, the clothes were purchased using ration coupons, soon after the rationing was introduced to Australia. Family members remember how both the Searle and Taber families pooled their ration coupons to make the wedding special for Stella.

Object information

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