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White, blue and brown cabin cruiser boat with inboard motor


White, blue and brown cabin cruiser boat with inboard motor

Object information

Physical description

A white, blue and brown marine-ply cabin cruiser with an inboard motor, and the registration number "HI 01 S" on the side. The lower section of the boat is painted predominantly white, with a blue base. The cabin is painted brown and has a front and two side windows, and a clear windscreen inside a metal frame.

Statement of significance

The Bart Sansbury collection comprises a cabin cruiser and a five metre by two metre painting on canvas bearing the slogan ?point pearce has no fishing rights - / for their waters!? as well as images and documents relating to the boat.

Bart Sansbury spent eighteen years as a foster child before joining the Australian Army and completing a tour of duty in Vietnam. On his return to Australia, he spent several years travelling the continent before returning to Point Pearce at the age of twenty-six. He spent fifteen years working on Point Pearce station and fishing, usually sharing his big catches with the Point Pearce community. After being jailed for fishing without a licence and for catching ?too many fish?, and unable to pay the cost of the fine, Sansbury beached his boat permanently in protest. The protest banner, bearing the slogan ?point earce has no fishing rights - for their waters!? has transformed an ordinary, dilapidated fishing vessel into a powerful statement of protest against legislation which Aboriginal people believe discriminates against their use of new technology to continue what has traditionally been an important cultural practice.

Object information

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