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Burnt fire truck wheel

Object information

Physical description

Fire damaged wheel and hub. The wheel is fitted with a chrome-plated hubcap with "SCANIA" imbossed across the center. The wheel is swathed in blackened and rusty wire remnants of the steel belted radial tyre.

Statement of significance

The Phillip fire truck - Bravo 3 wheel hub comes from a fire truck that was damaged by the Canberra bushfires of January 18, 2003. The truck was abandoned by its crew on Warragamba Avenue, Duffy, when the intensity of the fires reached its highpoint. The wheel from the fire truck is an immediate symbol of the intensity of the firestorm and the loss occurred by the Canberra community and the courage of the emergency service personnel who fought to protect lives and property.

On January 18, 2003, Canberra was devastated by a firestorm that had developed over ten days from three small, distant bushfires in the hills to the south and south-west of Canberra. The fires were generated by lightning strikes. Four lives were lost and over 500 residential properties were destroyed and many more damaged. A number of Canberra businesses, community facilities, rural properties, and nature reserves were also destroyed or badly damaged including much of the western and southern regions surrounding the ACT.

Object information



W 1200mm x H 1000mm x D 500mm x Wgt 200kg

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