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Metal tray for Holden: The First Twenty Years 1948-1968


Metal tray for Holden: The First Twenty Years 1948-1968

Object information

Physical description

A silver-coloured metal drinks tray. The tray is rectangular with rounded corners, and handles attached to the short sides. The surface of the tray is matte, with handles, design and text in reflective silver. The design on the upper surface features images of twelve cars in profile, with the model name and dates of production below. At the bottom is text "HOLDEN: THE FIRST TWENTY YEARS 1948-68".

Statement of significance

The Jack Heenan collection comprises memorabilia, artwork, clothing accessories and industry journals relating to the career of Jack Heenan who worked for General Motors Holden (GMH) from 1935 until his retirement in 1974. He began his career working in forecasting, but later transferred to the sales department. These objects were used by Mr Heenan in his daily working life.

GMH has played an important role in the history of Australian motor transport. The early model Holdens (the FX and FJ) are among the most recognisable cultural artefacts of 1950s and 1960s Australia. Motoring memorabilia illustrates the passionate connection some people feel towards motoring and Holden cars. The creation of marketing symbols as functional and collectible items also demonstrates the nature of Holden's powerful marketing campaigns. This collection of objects also traces the evolution of Australia's motoring history, Holden's own sense of its history and connection to post-war development, and Holden's continuing prominence in the popular imagination.

Object information

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