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Bali Peace and Unity 1 Year On


Bali Peace and Unity 1 Year On

Object information

Physical description

White rectangular sticker featuring upper half of figure, with CND symbol for head, holding a heart. Black and red text, "BALI../ PEACE AND UNITY/ 1 YEAR ON".

Statement of significance

This collection consists of:
" 5 t-shirts with various printed text produced by the various vendors in Bali appearing from two weeks after the bombing on 12 October 2002 through November to April 2003.
" 1 t-shirt produced for the purification ceremony on 15 November 2002.
" 2 stickers produced for the purification ceremony on 15 November 2002.
" 1 bag produced by the widows of the Balinese who were killed in the bombing.

Late on the evening of Saturday 12 October 2002, two bombs exploded in the crowded Paddy's Bar and the Sari nightclub on Jalan Legian, Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Shortly afterwards a third bomb exploded at the US consulate in Denpassar, Bali. Exact figures were difficult to substantiate, but at least 202 people were killed in the first two blasts and over 300 injured. Of the two hundred or more dead, eighty-eight were Australians. After the blasts, there was a widespread feeling that Australia and Australian citizens were very much a target for terrorist activities. For the Balinese community, which economically depended on tourists visiting their region, the bombings where doubly devastating. The tourist economy in Bali all but collapsed as Australians holidayed in Australia rather then venturing overseas. Although all of the t-shirts were produced for sale, they were also a way that the tourist venders and the local community could express their sadness and anger at the bombings. The local authority created an official shirt and sticker for the Purification ceremony held on 15 November 2002. This ceremony was the start of the healing process for the Balinese and many of the families of the victims. The bag was purchased from a co-op which was started to assist the widows of Balinese who were killed.

Object information

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