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Metal box with three compartments containing betting tickets


Metal box with three compartments containing betting tickets

Object information

Physical description

Metal box with three compartments containing betting tickets. There is a hinged lid with a handle and a single fastener, and three slots in the side of the case. Betting tickets accompany the box.

Statement of significance

The Jim McMahon Collection consists of a horseracing bookmaker's betting board, a greyhound racing bookmaker's betting board, bookmaker's betting tickets, ticket holders, personalised bookmaker's bag marked 'Jim McMahon Canberra', betting board stands and four carrying cases. These items were used by Jim McMahon in Canberra and the Southern Districts region from 1983 until 1994.

Horseracing has played an integral role in Australian sporting, social and economic history. Bookmakers were once a vital and colourful presence on the racetrack and betting on the horses, through a bookie, was the first legal form of gambling in Australia. Developments in computerised betting technology and an increase in the available choices of other gambling attractions has seen the number of bookmakers steadily decline. The bookmaker's profession is fast becoming redundant and their equipment obsolete.

Object information

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