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Max Dupain's 'Sunbaker'


Max Dupain's 'Sunbaker'

Object information

Physical description

A toned black and white silver gelatin photographic print. The authentication stamp is on the reverse, signed by Rex Dupain, the photographer's son. Using a low vantage point, the man's head rests on his arms, forming a single pyramidal form positioned against the horizon.

Statement of significance

The Max Dupain Collection consists of a photographic print of ''Sunbaker'' taken around 1937 and developed in the early 1980s. This print was not signed by the artist but its provenance has been authenticated by Dupain's family and signed on the back.

''Sunbaker'' is arguably the most widely recognised of all Australian photographs. This iconic image has been used repeatedly in a range of cultural and commercial contexts and has become increasingly associated with the Australian way of life. It could be claimed that 'Sunbaker' enshrines the Australian ethos, summarising the beliefs and aspirations of a sun-worshipping nation who have a very unique relationship with the beach.

Object information

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