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The Australians in England 1896


The Australians in England 1896

Object information

Physical description

Booklet titled "The Australians in England 1896". The booklet has a yellowed card cover held with two slightly rusted staples in spine. "PRICE ONE PENNY / THE / AUSTRALIANS / IN / ENGLAND / 1896" is printed in grey on the cover. The booklet includes a line drawing of a man with a moustache in a circular frame. Below it is printed "G.H.S. TROTT." Printed at the bottom of the cover is "LONDON: / PUBLISHED AT 58, FLEET STREET. / MANCHESTER: / "ATHLETIC NEWS" OFFICE, MARK LANE." Adhered to the inside cover is a rectangular white paper label printed in dark blue featuring a picture of two cricketers inside shields and the words "Anthony / Woodhouse / No. C218 22.9.60" handwritten in black ink. The 64-page booklet contains a summary of games, players and scores.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of two booklets produced during the 1896 Ashes Test in England. Our Cricketers Past and Present is a pocket sized booklet with 24 photographs of English cricket players both past and present. A.D. Jones published a series of six booklet of which 3 issues, II, V, VI are in this collection. The Australians in England 1896 was published by Athletics News. The booklet is a complete guide of the Australian tour in England. A portrait of team captain, G. Trott is on the front cover with a photograph of the entire team on the inside cover.

The 1896 Australian Cricket Team was the ninth team to tour England, playing for the Ashes as well as other English sides over a five month period. Before returning to Australia, the team also toured the United States and New Zealand, playing 11 matches. The highly successful tour gave Australia even greater respectability as a cricketing nation. The small pocket sized booklets were published during the time of the tour. The 'Australians in England' booklet is a complete guide of the tour allowing Australians to read about the games. The booklet 'Our Cricketers' would have been produced to gain support for the English side.

Object information


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