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Cloth bucket hat with red, blue and white coloured patterns


Cloth bucket hat with red, blue and white coloured patterns

Object information

Physical description

A cloth bucket hat with red, blue and white coloured patterns. Material around the mid section is thin with two rectangular holes in the fabric. There is white stiching around the brim of the hat.

Statement of significance

The Norm Wilson Collection consists of one bed sail, one mosquito net, two closed metal boxes, three flags, one hat, two raincoats, one frypan and one Department of Native Affairs General Field Administration book. The collection was used by Norm on patrols in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea from 1962 - 1979. The collection is in good condition.

Patrols begain in British New Guinea in 1885, one year after south east New Guinea was declared a British protectorate. Patrols were undertaken for the purpose of opening up new country and expanding administrative control in the area. At the outbreak of World War One, an Australian military force assumed control of German New Guinea and by 1921 administration of the area was handed to Australia by the League of Nations. In December 1973 Papua New Guinea gained self-government with complete independence on 16 September 1975.

As a Patrol Officer, Norm was required to travel through the Eastern Highlands District and depending on the area and the circumstance of the patrol his duties were: consolidation of administrative influence, maintain rule of law, conduct court cases and preside as Magistrate, carry out police work, conduct censuses, encourage economic development, provide escorts, purchase land for governmental use and oversee local elections.

Object information

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