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Fighting stick with a rounded handle


Fighting stick with a rounded handle

Object information

Physical description

A carved wooden fighting stick with a round handle, made of a medium coloured wood with the grain showing. There is a rough patch at the end of the stick.

Statement of significance

This is a small but significant collection from a single locality at a narrow point of time (1964-5). The collection includes spears and spear throwers, shields and stone adzes, clubs and a dance belt. They reflect the range of items being produced for the market at this time which was still dominated by an interest in 'traditional' material culture items. They were purchased for Mr Bruce Wright, at the time a teacher at Roebourne, who had an interest in Aboriginal cultures and who had a signficant indigenous student population at the school he was teaching at. In the early 1970s he held the position of District Superintendent of Education for the North West and Kimberley Region. He later worked at the Western Australian Museum, 1975-82, as Registrar of Aboriginal Sites. He then moved to Sydney and worked as a consultant before completing a degree in Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of New England. During his time at Roebourne, Wright recorded various aspects of Aboriginal cultures, some of which he published and some of which are in report form and held by AIATSIS. He was also a grantee of AIATSIS. His grant was for a project to document rock art. With this good place and date information these items would be a valuable contribution to any study or exhibition of Kimberley material culture.

Object information


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