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Budget '02 - The Lodge or Bust!


Budget '02 - The Lodge or Bust!

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Physical description

Political cartoon with "Moir" signature written in the lower left hand corner. Hand drawn in black ink and texta coloured with red shading and red texta, on cardboard. It depicts Peter Costello sitting on a suitcase that reads: "THE/ LODGE/ OR/ BUST!" in red texta. Costello holds a newspaper thats banner heading reads: "BUDGET/ '02". Surrounding Costello are pots and pans, book and more suitcases, in the distance on the right side of the cartoon, a figure with a red lip presumed to be John Howard, draws the curtain back and pokes his head out of the window. Artist's notes on the reverse read: "14.05.02/ 02 BUDGET SEEN AS / COSTELLO POSITIONING HIMSELF/ FOR P.M.". The reverse side of the cartoon has pencil sketching that has been crossed out.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of 220 original editorial cartoons drawn by Alan Moir and published in the Sydney Morning Herald from 1986-2003. 58 of the cartoons are from Moir's popular series entitled "Little Caesar" which is published in the Saturday edition of the paper.

This collection provides an overview of the work of one of Australia's leading political cartoonists, Alan Moir. Moir is the editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald and has also worked for The Bulletin and Courier Mail. The collection documents the twists and turns of Federal politics from 1986 to 2003. The prime ministerships of Hawke, Keating and Howard all reviewed through Moir's satirical gaze. Major issues covered include the economy, international relations, the introduction of the GST, corporate collapses, the Bali bombing and the second Gulf War.

Object information

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