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Don't Falter, Go and meet the Hun menace


Don't Falter, Go and meet the Hun menace

Object information

Physical description

A colour lithograph print with paper backing. At the top there is a man's head with a moustache and a spiked helmet emerging from smoke rising from a burning church tower and ruined buildings. He faces towards a young boy who is turning away from the scene with a hand to his face and his other arm outstretched. The boy stands on a map of Australia. There is red text that reads 'DON'T FALTER / GO AND MEET / THE HUN MENACE'. The print is set against a khaki green background. The text at the top is inscribed 'Issued by the N.S.W. RECRUITING COMMITTEE' and 'JOHN SANDS LTD'. A pencil annotation on the reverse is inscribed 'P93' on the top left corner.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of 10 Australian advertising posters. Artists represented include Percy Trompf, James Northfield, Norman Lindsay and May Gibbs. The majority of the posters were produced as lithographs.

The poster as a form of advertising was popular in Australian throughout the twentieth century, particularly before the age of radio and television. The posters in this particular collection document a number of different types of advertising campaigns including war time recruitment, public health and safety, product endorsement and railway travel.

Object information

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