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Scout's National Service Record


Scout's National Service Record

Object information

Physical description

Rectangular buff-coloured card with "THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION / N.S.W. / BRANCH / NATIONAL SERVICE RECORD" printed across the top. "Barry Williams / 1st Surry Hills" has been entered in the space below it. There are several entries logging hours of duty performed during 1942 and 1943, and a balance had been carried over from a previous card. A pencil anotation indicates that 169 hours were performed in total.

Statement of significance

The Barry Williams collection comprises 53 items of 1940s scout memorabilia, including awards and items of uniform from the Surry Hills scout troop, Sydney. Awards such as badges, cords, shoulder tabs and dated certificates are a complete material record of the donor's progress from scout to king's scout. The collection contains the full range of awards available to scouts in the 1940s, except for two awards.

This collection records a scouting experience that is typically Australian. The 1940s marks a stage of great popularity for the Scouting movement when they were a very visible presence in Australia. The Surry Hills scout troop was disbanded in the 1990s, the demise of the group was probably caused by the changing demographic and social values, of the people living in Surry Hills. This collection is a record of a past urban scouting experience in Australia. It is also evocative of some of the social changes that have taken place in Australia, that have contributed to the decrease in popularity, of the scouting movement.

Object information

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