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Laptop owned by Rosie Cross, aka RosieX or geekgirl


Laptop owned by Rosie Cross, aka RosieX or geekgirl

Object information

Physical description

A dark grey coloured laptop computer with a small screen that folds back from half way along the top panel to reveal the keyboard . The laptop is decorated with a collage of paper, coloured cartoons featuring images of women, some of which have the text:"Geek Girl" and "Girls need modems". A round, fluorescent green sticker on the screen reads "I'm a geek girl".

Statement of significance

The Rosie Cross Collection consists of an Amstrad 286 laptop computer purchased by Ms Cross in London in 1990. Ms Cross returned to Australia in the same year and for the next three years, spent up to sixteen hours per session on her laptop, exploring the Internet.

Ms Cross was attracted to the Web as a vehicle for self-expression and creative pleasure, but as a woman and a feminist, she found herself either attacked or ignored by the Internet 'boys club' that dominated cyberspace. The laptop computer significantly marks Ms Cross' introduction to the Internet, which led to the creation of her cyberzine, geekgirl - a site that has been hailed as the world's first online cyberfeminist magazine. Since the launch of geekgirl, many 'Webgrrls' have found the Web a promising outlet for their work, and women's presence on the Internet continues to strengthen. The Rosie Cross Collection is a significant example of Australian women's participation in, and construction of, the Internet and their greater contribution to technological development.

Object information

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