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Cartoon titled 'Yeah, But You Should See the Poker Machine'.


Cartoon titled 'Yeah, But You Should See the Poker Machine'.

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Physical description

A black and white drawing cartoon, with light brown highlights, entitled 'Yeah, But You Should See the Poker Machine'. The cartoon features a caricature of John Howard and another man in bandages, slings and band-aids facing a caricature of Kerry Packer and another man, both in suits. The speech bubble from the man next to Mr Howard reads 'YEAH, BUT YOU SHOULD / SEE THE POKER MACHINE.' The artist's signature is in the top left corner.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of 150 political cartoons collected under the auspices of the National Museum's 2001 National political Humour Competition. There are 41 different artists represented in the collection including Alan Moir, Peter Nicholson, Geoff Pryor, Cathy Wilcox, Sean Leahy, Bruce Petty, Dean Alston and Ward O'Neil. The cartoons provide a satirical record of the major events and personalities in Australian politics in 2001. Major topics addressed within the collection include the 2001 election, asylum seekers (including the Tampa controversy) and the war in Afghanistan. There are examples from all major metropolitan newspapers as well as material from regional publications. There are traditional black and white editorial and pocket cartoons as well as colour illustrations and caricatures. Taken together the collection provides an archive of Australian political events in 2001 and demonstrate the quality of Australian cartooning and illustration.

Object information

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