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Cartoon titled 'The Scam'.


Cartoon titled 'The Scam'.

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Physical description

A black and white hand drawn cartoon titled 'The Scam', showing caricatures of Peter Costello and John Howard, with groups of people behind and in front of them. Mr Costello holds a paper that is headed 'SPEECH / 'WHY I AM / LEADER / MATERIAL', and has a speech bubble that reads 'The first time / I knew about / the scam was / when evidence showed / that I knew about / it before I said / I did..' The words 'LIBERAL / PARTY' are above the group behind Mr Costello and Mr Howard. There are papers on the ground with text such as 'NORTHERN / TERRITORY / DEFEAT' and 'QUEENSLAND / DEBACLE'. The artist's signature is in the bottom right hand corner.

Object information


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