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Plaster bust ofTruganini by Edmund Joel Dicks


Plaster bust ofTruganini by Edmund Joel Dicks

Object information

Physical description

Plaster bust of Truganini moulded onto a square shaped plinth which tapers toward the top. 'E. J Dicks' carved on back of bust. All surfaces except the base of the plinth are painted brown.

Statement of significance

The Edmund Dicks Collection comprises a plaster bust of Truganini (1812- 1876), two plaster low relief sculptures in a wood frame of Truganini and William Lanney (1834-1869), and a plaster bust, Oliver J Nilsen CBE (1884-1977). The sculptures are excellent examples of veristic art associated with portrait sculpture produced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. They were created by the donor's father Edmund J Dicks, in the 1930s and 1940s. Truganini and William Lanney lived in Tasmania in the colonial era where they associated closely with the white settlers. They both actively worked for the advancement of the Indigenous people in Tasmania and were erroneously considered the last man and woman of their race. This collection would help fill a significant gap in the National Historical Collection for exhibition material pertaining to the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, and their history.

Object information

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