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Souvenir mug - Bicentenary of Australia


Souvenir mug - Bicentenary of Australia

Object information

Physical description

Bicentenary of Australia commemorative mug printed with vignettes of George III and Queen Elizabeth II above a scroll '1788 George III to Elizabeth II 1988'. The vignettes are set within a spray of Australian flowers, flanked by the Union Jack and the Australian flag. The coat-of-arms of Australia is on the opposite side of the mug. Printed on the base with - 'The Australian Bi-Centenary Beaker / Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the settlement of the Australian continent in the reign of H.M. King George III and marking the arrival of the first European settlers in January 1788, seventeen years after the discovery of the continent by Capt. Cook. / Produced by The Panorama Studios, West St. Ashburton, Devon from a John Ball Design. Limited edition of 500 pieces on English China. Plate hand numbered '69'. Printed with the same design as 2002.0021.0141.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of 196 items. For the most part the collection consists of souvenir ware and other Royal memorabilia. Most of the material relates to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II with a large component devoted to Prince Charles and Lady Diana and the Queen Mother. The collection is significant from a number of perspectives. It provides material evidence of the enduring attraction of the British Royal family. It also provides an insight into the marketing of souvenir items associated with the Royals. The collection is a wonderful example of a "magnificent obsession" on the part of the collector. The collection will be of enduring significance given the ongoing debate as to whether Australia should become a republic.

Object information


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