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Share childcare

Object information

Physical description

Cartoon (design for a Christmas card), black ink on paper and transparency film. The image depicts a biblical scene of a male, a female and a baby character in a barn with the caption 'So its agreed then we'll share childcare equally.' Writing on a corner of the paper in pencil reads '27'.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of 45 cartoons by free lance cartoonist Judy Horacek produced from mid 1980s to 2001. The cartoons provide social and political comment on gender relations. Horacek's work has appeared in number newspapers and journals including the Australian, the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Horacek's work has always been especially concerned with women and feminism. Her characteristic spiky, sassy figures provide heroines which her readers readily identify with. Her cartoons reflect some of the major issues of the feminist movement including women and politics, women's place in society and women and work.

Object information

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