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The Sydney Morning Herald - What Men Are For, 1991


The Sydney Morning Herald - What Men Are For, 1991

Object information

Physical description

Newspaper advertising banner for The Sydney Morning Herald, titled "SCIENTISTS / DECIDE / WHAT MEN / ARE FOR".

Statement of significance

This collection consists of 15 newspaper banners from a number of publications and ranging in date from 1936 to 1991. Used to advertise newspapers at news-stands or newsagencies, the banners consist of the front-page headline and the newspaper's masthead.

Newspapers are an invaluable historical source. The language and imagery used, along with non-editorial material such as advertisements, provide a rich historical context for the stories within each publication. However, the density of information contained in newspapers, or even in single articles, is problematic in an exhibition context. Newspaper banners, with their bold print and minimal text are much more effective as display objects while maintaining a sense of history which could otherwise be lost through the use of museum text or graphics.

Object information

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