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Muzzle-loading 'pipe gun' styled as a rifle


Muzzle-loading 'pipe gun' styled as a rifle

Object information

Physical description

A muzzle-loading 'pipe gun' styled as a rifle. The rifle has a wooden stock, a handle grip, and a fake magazine. It has a single metal pipe for the barrel, a rusty nail 'trigger', and a trigger guard made from a red sardine tin. There is a red and white sticker that is inscribed "Autonomia". "FFE 428" and "0032/OOEM" are engraved on the underside of the barrel.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of a variety of material collected by the Australian Army History Unit in East Timor between October 1999 and February 2000. It includes several hand-made weapons, INTERFET and UNTAET merchandise, and information leaflets and posters.

The Australian-led International Force East Timor was the largest Australian military deployment since troops were sent to Vietnam in 1966. As such, the collection represents the role Australia has to play both within the Asia-Pacific region and as a member of the United Nations. This collection, particularly the hand-made weapons and the posters and leaflets, is also significant in relation to the Museum's Peace collections. While the existing collections illustrate the peace movement and protests against war, the Army History Unit Collection relates to the role of the Defence Forces in peace-keeping activities.

Object information

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