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The Legend of the Coming of the First Kangaroo


The Legend of the Coming of the First Kangaroo

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Physical description

Book titled 'THE LEGEND / OF THE COMING OF THE / FIRST KANGAROO', limited edition on hand-torn paper.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of approximately 180 objects of Australiana, predominantly featuring the kangaroo. It encompasses a wide range of styles produced in Australia and overseas over a period of 150 years. The collection is diverse and includes decorative art objects, such as a Doulton umbrella stand, as well as an assortment of ephemera from several postcards to a matchbox.

This collection has been amassed by Terence Lane, a former Senior Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria over a period of 20 years. During this period, many of the items collected were not in high demand. However, they have since become eagerly sought and the result is a collection which has increased in cultural value. It is considered the best collection of kangaroo theme items in Australia.

Object information

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