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Red metal post box on four legs


Red metal post box on four legs

Object information

Physical description

Metal post box , painted red, standing on four arched legs with a diamond pattern. The arched top is set back from the front and contains a hinged flap with a handle, which opens outwards and down. Clearance times are painted in grey and black on the sloping surface near the top. On the front, painted in gold and black, is the Royal Crown and "EIIR" with "Post Office / Australia / Communications". The bottom half of the front is a locked flap with a handle, embossed with "Next Collection".

Statement of significance

This collection consists of 87 items from the New South Wales historical section of Australia Post. The items range from furnishings that were used for the opening of the Sydney GPO in 1874 to telephones, signs, posters, and postal boxes. The material covers a period of over one hundred years of postal service in Australia.

Object information

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