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Object information

Physical description

A typed letter addressed to H.L. Napthali Esq, Chief Steward, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT. From W.R Modyson (?), Department of External Affairs, Canberra. Letter is dated 25 January, 1944. The letter is on Department of External Affairs letterhead, featuring an Australian Crest in blue. The letter is marked personal. The letter thanks Mr Napthali and his staff for the arrangements made in respect of the provision of refreshments for the delegates during the Conference of Australian and New Zealand Ministers.

Statement of significance

The Betty Hall Collection represents a unique collection of material relating to the history of the Parliamentary Dining Rooms in the Provisional Parliament House.

This collection was put together by Mr H L Napthali who worked as the Chief Steward in the Parliamentary Refreshment Rooms from 1939 - 1945. He moved to Canberra in 1939 after having worked in the NSW Parliamentary Refreshment Rooms. While at Provisional Parliament House Mr Napthali supervised a staff of fifty people and was responsible for purchasing as well as servicing the various bars and dining rooms within the House. He was also responsible for organising special dinners for commemorative occasions and for overseas visitors. Mr Napthali accumulated material relating to the history of the Federal Parliament both when worked in the NSW Parliament and in the Federal Parliament.

Object information

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