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Azania Support Group


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Azania Support Group

Object information

Physical description

Large banner made up of green cloth, titled "AZANIA SUPPORT GROUP", with two silhouettes of Africa (reflection of each) with an image of a raised fist between two rays from a star in the middle of each. Wooden poles are at each end and a nylon rope is on each pole to secure the banner. The cloth is attached to the poles with staples.

Statement of significance

This collection comprises protest material relating to the South African Liberation centre, a site of anti-apartheid protest in Canberra, from late1985 to the early 1990s. The collection includes photographs, banners, placards and posters and is significant in terms of Australia's place in the anti-apartheid movement. Although Australia has never broken diplomatic relations with South Africa it is clear that many Australians found South African apartheid unacceptable and were prepared to go to great lengths to articulate their objection to its continued existence.

The nature of protest in Australia has changed in the 1980s and 1990s. The anti-apartheid campaigns demonstrate the Australian Federal F's changing interpretation of police powers in relation to the acts governing unlawful assembly, summary offences, disorderly conduct, public nuisance and similar legislation invoked when dealing with public protest.

Object information

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