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Masonic Grand Lodge Officer's Cuff


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Masonic Grand Lodge Officer's Cuff

Object information

Physical description

Grand Lodge Officer's Cuffs - navy blue ribbon with gold trim and gold fabric tassels sewn secure; black leather inside; outer side insignia of an elected Junior Grand Warden; elasticised at back to stretch over wrist and arm; end nearest elbow when worn is wider than wrist end; elastic facing back; protective bag for each cuff

Statement of significance

The Ronald L Gale Freemasonry Collection comprises the masonic regalia of three members of the Gale family, plus male clothing and female outfits that were worn at public Freemasonry functions. The additon of two jewels marking significant milestones in Ron Gale's life as a mason extends the collection. The first jewel celebrates his fifty-year association with freemasonry whilst the second represents his term as an elected Junior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales.

Six men from four generations of the Gale family have been Freemasons, starting with Arthur Percival Gale's initiation in 1910. His grandson Ron was initiated in 1951, at a time when membership of the craft was at a peak. Ron's distinguished life in the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales, saw him occupy several senior officers culminating in his election as Junior Grand Warden in 1978. He was also a member of the committee that opened the new Sydney Masonic Centre in 1979.

Object information

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