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Sketch of a woman. In the background there is a woman kneeling feeding two birds


Sketch of a woman. In the background there is a woman kneeling feeding two birds

Object information

Physical description

Postcard that features a black and white sketch of a woman. In the background there is a woman who is kneeling and feeding two birds. "Palestine Information Office PO Box 646, Kingston ACT 2604 Australia" is printed on the back of the postcard.

Statement of significance

The collection comprises a mother-of-pearl model of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, a Palestinian flag, Palestinian traditional costumes and embroideries, Muslim and Christian religious artefacts, and political ephemera. This is a selection of objects originally compiled from the private collections of the Palestinian community in Australia for an exhibition in 1995 and offered to the National Museum of Australia as a donation that same year.

This is a significant example of both 'transported' cultural heritage and the dual identities of migrant Australians. Significant numbers of Palestinians arrived in Australia after the Second World War escaping discrimination and economic hardship in their homeland, with the last major wave arriving in the aftermath of the Gulf War in 1991. While Palestinians forge new identities in Australia, objects such as the model of the Dome of the Rock; the distinctive clothing of Palestinian women which reinforces the connections between clothing, land and identity; and the first Palestinian flag to be raised in Australia, demonstrate a determination to preserve their connection with Palestine. The collection also illustrates the community?s efforts in raising awareness of the political situation and struggle for Palestinian autonomy in their homeland.

Object information


  • Date of event

  • 1987
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  • Continuation of the First Palestinian Cultural exhibition at Melville Hall on the campus of the Australian National University


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