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Four cards featuring an exclusive batik design


Four cards featuring an exclusive batik design

Object information

Physical description

Four cards, printed with colourful abstract designs, inscribed with 'An exclusive batik design by Ernabella Arts Inc.' and the artists name in pencil; 'Angkuna Kulyuru', 'Nyukana Baker', 'Kutungu Munti' and 'Nungalka Stanley'.

Statement of significance

This component of the Central Australia Field Trip 1994 collection comprises a range of art and craft products including batik fabrics, pokerwork animals, acrylic paintings and printed cards and bookmarks.

Ernabella Art Inc is a women's enterprise that mainly sells objects made by women. Art and craft plays an important part in many women's lives at Ernabella, as well as being a source of money it facilitates certain skills, like weaving and wood carving, to be passed to younger people. The high quality we have come to expect from material sold through Ernabella Arts is clearly demonstrated in this collection. This reflects the producers' pride in the work they produce and have been producing for almost forty years. In combination with documentary material, this collection also shows the continued importance of art and craft production to people around Ernabella as a source of cash flow.

Object information

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