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Wall hanging to commemorate the Federation Jubilee of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1901-1951


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Wall hanging to commemorate the Federation Jubilee of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1901-1951

Object information

Physical description

Small white linen wall hanging or flag screenprinted with a shield emblazoned with the crests of six Australian states superimosed on the flagstaffs of a Union Jack and Australian flag, which billow from behind it. 'FEDERATION JUBILEE' is in a red scroll below the shield. "CELEBRATING THE 50th ANNIVERSARY / OF / THE / 1901 / 1951 / FEDERATION COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA' surrounds the central design.

Statement of significance

This collection comprises a wall hanging and a bronze medallion issued to commemorate 50 years of the Commonwealth of Australia's Federation, 1901-1951.

The Jubilee of Australia's federation in 1951 was celebrated throughout Australia and especially encouraged by the Federal Government. The Director General of Federal Commonwealth Jubilee Celebrations promoted a wide range of activities throughout the year at both the local and a nation-wide level. Many major functions such as the ceremonial parades took place on the 9th May. Other activities included sports programmes, travelling exhibitions, Miss Jubilee quests, parliamentary receptions, Jubilee recitals, and Jubilee Cup meetings. The themes of celebration were made especially clear to school children as the jubilee was an occasion of special significance and inspiration to Australian youth. The medallion is one of thousands sent to state schools by the Federal Government for distribution at special Jubilee celebrations in 1951. The medallion was designed by the winner of the design competition, Johh Elischer, a Melbourne sculptor. Memorabilia and souvenir items in commemoration of this event were commercially produced for organisations or associations and sold to a wide audience, while other items were produced by the government or their agencies and distributed through official bodies.

Object information


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