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Object information

Physical description

A blue poster with a white border and red and yellow print, featuring an illustration of the Aboriginal Flag near the top of the poster. Text above the illustration reads ''88 DEMONSTRATE DON'T CELEBRATE'. Text below the illustration reads in part '...WE WILL / FIGHT / AND WE WILL / SURVIVE...'.

Statement of significance

A collection of Aboriginal protest material relating to south-eastern Australia. These objects have a two-fold cultural context. First is their association with important issues in relation to Aboriginal rights, particularly land rights. The other is their association with Terry Fox, who in his own words was "a white activist" giving Kooris, particularly on the New South Wales south coast, assistance in their struggles for their rights.

The objects like posters and the T-shirt are the material expressions behind complex social justice issues like land rights. They state very succinctly what the issue or campaign is about. The book is a collection of land rights claims made in NSW in the 1970s. Each case explains what is being sought and the reasons why. The papers and documents look at different issues, for example Native.Title, in more depth and give comment on these issues from Aboriginal viewpoints. Often these issues produce little else in the way of material objects other than paperwork like correspondence and minutes from meetings. All of these objects were acquired by Teny Fox during his involvement with Koori communities, either when he was assisting with particular protests for land rights or working for communities such as Wallaga Lake.

Object information

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