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Origin of Murray Darling II by Vincent Serico


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Origin of Murray Darling II by Vincent Serico

Object information


This painting relates to the Rainbow Serpent, which is an important component of Creation Accounts.

Physical description

Painting in red, white, blue, green and yellow acrylic polymer paint on canvas featuring a Rainbow Serpent wrapped around a large fish from which smaller fish are emerging. The painting style uses rarrk cross-hatching patterns and dot painting and the artists signature appears in the lower right hand corner: "Vincent Serico".

Statement of significance

The Vincent Serico collection comprises three acrylic paintings.

These paintings, by Aboriginal artist Vincent Serico, all depict the Rainbow Serpent. The Rainbow Serpent is an important creator being for Aboriginal cultures in many areas of mainland Australia and is often presented as coming from beneath a barren landscape to create features, especially waterways, above. Usually the Rainbow Serpent takes the form of a snake but is sometimes shown in other animal forms, such as scoprions and buffalo. Most depictions of the Rainbow Serpent are from northern Australia and so one important aspect of Serico's paintings is that they are a south-eastern Queensland representation of this important being.

Physical description

On display at the National Museum of Australia.

Object information

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