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Nova Peris' Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games running top, 1998


Nova Peris' Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games running top, 1998

Object information

Physical description

A sleeveless fitted crop top in yellow with curved stripes of green, navy and white at the sides and navy piping on the neck and sleeve edges. The top has an elasticised lower edge and a racer design. Embroidered on the front proper right is a green chain ring around a kangaroo with the word 'AUSTRALIA' beneath it. One the proper left is the embroidered text 'PRO-SPEC' above a logo. On the centre front there is a printed swirl design in blue with a repeat pattern of a stylised green kangaroos. The top has a fitted bra inside. The manufacturer's labels on the inside neckline include the text 'PRO-SPEC'.

Statement of significance

The Nova Peris Collection comprises fifty-three items relating to Nova Peris' sporting and artistic career. It includes her gold medals from the 1994 Hockey World Cup, 1995 Hockey Champions Trophy, 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 2001 Australian National Championships. Also included are her team uniforms and ephemera relating to the two Olympic Games and one Commonwealth Games at which she competed. Her torch and torchbearer's uniform from the Sydney Olympics Torch Relay, two commemorative coins she co-designed for the Sydney Olympics and her Order of Australia medal are also in the collection.

Nova Peris is an Australian athlete and artist who has achieved considerable success. She is a member of the Muran clan (traditional owners of Kakadu) who started her international sporting career as a member of the Australian Women's Hockey Team, with whom she won gold medals at the 1994 Hockey World Cup, 1995 Hockey Champions Trophy and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. In 1996 she became the first Aboriginal person and the first person from the Northern Territory to win an Olympic gold medal. She then decided to focus on athletics in which she won gold medals both as an individual athlete and as part of a relay team at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Ms Peris also competed in Athletics at the Sydney Olympic Games and won a further gold medal at the 2001 Australian National Championships. She is one of the few people to represent their country at an Olympic level in two distinct sports, and is the first and only athlete to win Olympic gold in one sport and Commonwealth gold in another. She was the first torchbearer in Australia for the Sydney Olympics torch relay, co-designed two commemorative coins for the Sydney Olympics and also designed three Olympic pins and a Swatch watch. Ms Peris was a delegate to the 1998 Australian Constitutional Convention and is an active campaigner for indigenous rights and reconciliation. She was awarded the Order of Australia in 1997.

Object information

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