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Wall text for the Little Red Riding Hood wall hanging


Wall text for the Little Red Riding Hood wall hanging

Object information


Typed exhibition label reading 'This wall hanging was made by a distinguished Ukrainian woman while she was living at a displaced persons camp at Neu-Ulm Germany in 1946. The lady and her busband who was a poet lived in one of the small cells which were reserved for the more distinguished inmates. Each person was issued with a grey blanket. She used this and traded her cigarettes with the Germans to obtain threads and the other pieces of material. When finished, she presented the hanging to Miss Valerie Paling, an Australian who worked for UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association) in gratitude for their work at the camp. When Miss Paling returned to Melbourne she donated this hanging to the Forest Hill Residential Kindergarten.'

Physical description

Framed typewritten wall text with a description and brief history of the Little Red Riding Hood wall hanging. The framed is painted a cream colour.

Object information

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