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PS 'Enterprise' built in Echuca, Victoria, in 1878


PS 'Enterprise' built in Echuca, Victoria, in 1878

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Paddle-steamer 'P S Enterprise'. A white painted wooden-framed and hulled side-wheel paddle-steamer that has a wheelhouse in front of a cabin, and a chimney on her upperdeck. The Beverley Iron Company 12-horsepower two-cylinder steam engine is housed longitudinally in the hull above the boiler. It is between two walkways flanked by the two paddle boxes that are on the lower deck, and it propels the paddle wheels via a chain drive. Small overhanging cabins, which are triangular in plan, are built onto the front of both of the paddle boxes, and their floors form the begining of a sponson deck that continues aft of the paddle boxes and surrounds another cabin on the rear of the hull. The outer wall of both of the paddle boxes is a wooden lattice screen, and a ladder attached to their sloping solid back wall provides access to the upper deck from the sponson deck. The upper deck is formed by the combined roofs of the cabins and paddle boxes below. The vessel has a very shallow draft, there being only 75cms between the waterline and the bottom of her keel.
The vessel is fully operational.

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