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Tree lined river

Object information


Handwritten message on reverse is addressed to 'address to / Mr W. Smalley / Erina / Gosford" and reads' Gosford / Nov 20, 2912 / Dear Emily / Just a line to let you know / I have [?] getting you. / I hope you aer well & all at / home. WE having good times / Had nice lot of rain very / warm to day. WE have not / being down to the water yet / HV. S. not too well / Love to all / Ada'

Physical description

Postcard with a sepia toned photograph of a tree lined river. The postcard is from an alphabet series of postcards, and has the letter 'B' and flowers superimposed on the left side. There is a message on the reverse, and the postcard is dated 20 Nov 1912.

Object information

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