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Aboriginal Warrior NSW

Object information


Handwritten message on reverse reads ' Crippled one what is / (?) word. Blind, and / is most (?) raving / mad. Yes. it does not / get into the papers but to / (?) enough. / We are finding things / pretty have to live in / Sydney these day. We can't / buy food in any quantities / Its not bot be had. its / terrible I must not keep / on writing like this I / expect you find it (?) the same in New Zealand. / Would you like a paper / some times or does your / friends send them (?) / Mr C Glenfell.'

Physical description

Postcard featuring a black and white photograph of a posed Aboriginal man, with a naked torso, in profile and holding a boomerang. The photograph is titled "Aboriginal Warrior NSW" and "Series 97. Kerry, Copyright, Sydney". A message on the reverse of the card details the difficulty of buying food in Sydney.

Object information

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