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Church of England, Port Macquarie


Church of England, Port Macquarie

Object information


The handwritten message on the reverse reads 'Dear Annie / I was sorry we could not spend / another evening with you, we / thought the boat was leaving / on Wednesday. Instead of Thur / She left on Tuesday at 4.00 / we never had a chance to go out, she was bar bound at / Port that put her a day / sooner, Tell Frank that [?] / can gt a little pet / wallably for 3/6 if Frank would / like it, this is our old / church were many a good / are [?] wrong Mother sends / her love to all remember me / to all wishing you the best / of health / Yours [?] / Geo. [?]'

Physical description

Postcard featuring a colourised photograph labelled "5. C of ENGLAND P. MACQUARIE", and a message on the reverse.

Object information

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