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Oxford Street, Sydney

Object information


Handwritten message on the reverse is addressed to 'Miss E. Harris / 25 Carlingford St / Charlotte town / Bathurst / N. S. [W]' and reads '[?] Ethel, / I received your card / last Saturday ther was / twopence to pay on it because / you didn't open the ends / be sure to do it next time. / Cous[in] [?]arrict was up here / [?] week but we never / re[?] card / are shifted to / pic[?] [w]eather is very hot b/ they are starting / to make hay the men have / killed many snakes out at the other farm and [?] have/ several[?] around here. [across top] I think this is all the news for this time remember / [?] and Miss Phillips tell her I will and her / [?]day. As Annie shits up at Auntie [?] / a card for her it is little Jack Hor[ner]'

Physical description

Postcard featuring a colourised photograph of "OXFORD STREET, SYDNEY." and a message on the reverse. Some loss due to adhesive being removed.

Object information

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