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Pitt Street, from Herald Corner


Pitt Street, from Herald Corner

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Handwritten message on reverse is addressed to 'Miss Abel. / [?] nqannee / Edwards St / Katoomba' and reads 'Thursday / Dear Le[?] S.Abe didn't have to / pay a [?] more on her / pc. We thought it very / pretty The [?] me here didn't / seem to be [?] / [?] compated with yours. / My word you [?] must / have had just [?] / time. I supose you / wouldn't mind at all / over again your time / is soon to an end & of / course you will say [?] / [?] I suppose I've [?] to my family brothers / included / [across top] ps please excuse writing / be careful to make all [?] tha t / be inferred at [?] house'

Physical description

Postcard with a colourised photograph of "Pitt Street, from Herald Corner." and a message on the reverse.

Object information

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