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Botanical Gardens Sydney, N.S.W


Botanical Gardens Sydney, N.S.W

Object information


The hand written message is partly missing. It is addressed to 'Mr W D Short / 37 Carlisle St / Leichhardt / Sydney' and reads 'Dear Dusty / just a few line to let you / know I am alive and / kicking. Elsie got her / book yesterdya. They / are caring Hubrey's / wheat now. How is El[?] I will write here a [?] soon. Give her / [?] xx Have / card of cab / [up left side] write [?] lately. I have not / [?] love to all / I remain / your, ever / xxx Elie'

Physical description

Postcard with a colourised photograph of the "Botanical Gardens Sydney, N.S.W." and a message on the reverse. There is content loss where adhesive has removed the paper.

Object information

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