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Part of a pressed up ice ridge, Seal Bay


Part of a pressed up ice ridge, Seal Bay

Object information


The hand written message on the front reads 'human being on Debember 4, 1903, the monring together with another relief ship, the / Terra Nova, sailed from Hobert, on January 5, 1904, found / the Discovery 17 miles from open water. By great section, / and a liberal use of dynamite from blasting the ice ,the Discovery'.
The hand written address reads 'Miss Bartlett / Abbotsford / Mosman'.

Physical description

White vignette postcard featuring a black and white photograph of "PART OF A PRESSED UP ICE RIDGE, SEAL BAY." The postcard is from the "Discovery" Antarctic Series and has a message on the front and an address on the undivided reverse.
The Roman numerals 'VI' are written on the right hand side to denote the order of a continuous message across several postcards.

Object information

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