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A revolution in rubber heels. Morrison's Patent Heels


A revolution in rubber heels. Morrison's Patent Heels

Object information


The hand written message on the reverse is addressed to: Mrs Fels / 6. Campbell St / Darlinghurst [crossed through] / Paddignton.
The message reads; '1.9.06 [top left corner / sorry I did not / call you the other / day. hope you are / all well. Do you / wear these 'Heels" / if not you hsould / try them. Kind regards / from all m.m.n -'

Physical description

Postcard featuring colour pictures advertising "A REVOLUTION IN RUBBER HEELS / MORRISON'S PATENT". The images are a black and white drawing of a woman's and a man's shoe heels, and a woman in a long dress and white apron, and a policeman with a helmet. the text reads 'NEVER SLIP, AND ALWAYS WEAR LEVEL'. 'WHAT THE COOK SAYS' is in a scroll underneath, and 'Rober's heels are always straigh while / waring Morrison's Patent Heels' in a green scroll on the lower edge. There is a message on the reverse.

Object information

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