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Gibson Kiosk, cool drinks, light refreshments


Gibson Kiosk, cool drinks, light refreshments

Object information


Message reads: "Miss Netta Fullagar, Pennant Street, Parramatta
thanks for writing to the me Netto. Hope to see you on Sunday. We have had a lovely time. (?) pencil as I am writing this on the beach. love to all, Gladys" The card is stamped with a George V brown 3 ½ half penny stamp. The George V range was printed during his reign (1913-1936), but the date of franking is illegible.

Research indicates that the kiosk was built in 1919 and located in Fletcher Park, WAll Street, Newcastle. It was located on the cliff edge at the top of a cliff walk that linked the park to the beach front promenade, where many elaborate early 19th century structures were located. Today some of the foundations of the kiosk can still be found.

Physical description

Postcard featuring a black and white photograph of a sign "GIBSON KIOSK / COOL DRINKS / LIGHT REFRESHMENTS", hanging from a viewing platform. The postcard has a message on the reverse.

Object information

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