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Lost Heritage

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Physical description

Rectangular paper silk screen print poster with a white background that is stippled with orange, pale brown, and yellow dots. A slightly askew, rectangular, black and white studio photographic image of three Aboriginal girls, which has been re-coloured in red and white with a yellow and orange background, covers the proper left side of the poster. "WHEN MY GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER WAS TAKEN TO WORK / ON A STATION NEAR COONABARABRAN, SHE WASN'T ALLOWED TO / USE HER TRIBAL NAME, NO ABORIGINES WERE, SHE WAS GIVEN / THE NAME 'JANE', SINCE THEN MY PEOPLE HAVEN'T KNOWN WHAT / TRIBE THEY CAME FROM OR WHAT LAND WAS TAKEN FROM THEM" is below the title. Four silhouettes of running women are featured in black across the bottom of the print. "DESIGNED & PRINTED BY ALICE HINTON BATEUP / RUNNING WOMEN FROM OENPELLI IN ARNHEM LAND" and "GARAGE GRAPHIX / THIRD EDITION 1985" is in fine print along the bottom edge.

Object information

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