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Photograph of a group of women


Photograph of a group of women

Object information

Physical description

A black and white wedding photograph of a group of seven women and a young girl. The woman in the middle is wearing a wedding dress.

Statement of significance

The Yoshiko Ishikawa collection comprises objects that belonged to a Japanese woman who married an Australian solider based in Japan in the aftermath of World War Two. The objects tell the story of Yoshiko Ishikawa's marriage and subsequent migration to Australia. Included in the collection are her wedding dress and ring, wedding photographs and naturalisation certificate along with a number of Japanese kimono and accessories as well as a traditional Japanese doll.

In the years following World War Two, some 12,000 Australian servicemen were posted to Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces. Despite a strict ?no fraternising? policy, relationships between servicemen and Japanese women developed. By November 1956, at the end of the Australian occupation of Japan, about 650 women had migrated to Australia as the wives or fiancées of servicemen. The arrival of Japanese war brides was the first major relaxation of the White Australia Policy, although not completely abolished until 1973, when amendments were made to the racial aspects of Australia's immigration laws.

Object information


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