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Brush drawing 'Minyipuru Sisters' by Muuki Taylor, 2016


Brush drawing 'Minyipuru Sisters' by Muuki Taylor, 2016

Object information

Physical description

A gouache painting on paper, featuring seven naked female figures, painted with a black outline, amongst a mottled green background. Each figure has a black belt line below the navel.

Statement of significance

This collection comprises a circular acrylic artwork on canvas titled 'Minyipuru at Pangkal', painted by Mulyatingki Marney (nee Chapman), Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman and May Chapman (2016), and a gouache painting on paper titled 'Minyipuru Wanti Sisters' by Muuki Taylor (2016). The four are prominent artists working with Marumili Arts at Newman in Western Australia.

The Seven Sisters songline is an Aboriginal Jukurrpa (dreaming) story that travels across Australia from the west to the east, across the far western and central deserts. According to the story, the events featured in 'Minyipuru at Pangkal' took place at Pangkal rockhole in the Western Desert, a 'Minyipuru at Pangkal' significant site. This place marks the beginning of theMinyipuru (Seven Sisters) songline in Martu country and demonstrates the Chapman sisters' kinship ties to the site, as well as providing a detailed narrative of the activities of the Seven Sister?s at Pangkal. In 'Minyipuru Wanti Sisters', Muuki Taylor illustrates the seven 'wanti' (women); they have been travelling from Parnngurr which is on the second major songline that follows the Minyipuru's travels along the waterholes that become the Canning Stock Route.

Object information

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