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Trophy awarded to Royce Hart - Premiers 1969


Trophy awarded to Royce Hart - Premiers 1969

Object information

Physical description

A trophy with the figure of a football player kicking a football. The silver coloured footballer is on a dark coloured wooden base. The front of the base has a silver coloured medallion mounted into it that has a picture of a triangular flag and text around the top edge that reads 'PREMIERSHIP PLAYERS CLUB' . Beneath the medallion is a small engraved plaque that reads 'RICHMOND FOOTBALL CLUB PREMIERS 1969 / Awarded to Royce Hart.'

Statement of significance

The Royce Hart collection documents Hart's Australian Rules football career at Richmond Football Club from 1966 to 1977. Hart's career coincided with the club's most successful era during which Richmond and Hart played in five Grand Finals, winning four. Hart captained the team from 1972 to 1975 and was awarded the club's best and fairest medal, the Jack Dyer medal, on two occasions. He was inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 1996 and, in 2013, was elevated to the status of 'Legend'. He was named in the AFL's team of the century in 1996, and in Richmond's team of the century. The collection includes team jumpers, blazers, trophies, medals, photographs, magazines, posters and documents.

Australian Rules football evolved in Melbourne in the mid-nineteenth century. Codified in 1859, the game drew on other ball games but developed a distinct style of play. It is Australia's most popular indigenous game and has spread from its Melbourne birthplace to all Australian states and territories where it is played and supported in increasing numbers.

Object information

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