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Milmilngkan, lorrkon (painted hollow log) by John Mawurndjul, 2008


Milmilngkan, lorrkon (painted hollow log) by John Mawurndjul, 2008

Object information

Physical description

A large hollow log painted with orange, brown and white cross hatched lines in rectangular sections. The top and the bottom of the log are painted black and there are seven horizontal lines along the log creating eight sections. These lines are coloured white, ochre yellow, black, and brown.

Statement of significance

The John Mawurndjul collection comprises a lorrkon, or painted hollow log, and 'Milmilngkan', a bark painting. They appeared in the first major exhibition of Mawurndjul's work since around 2009 . Both works relate to Milmilngkan, a site where Rainbow Serpents inhabit a sacred waterhole and where there is a deposit of kaolin, collected for ceremonial and commercial painting.

Kuninjku artist John Mawurndjul's (aka Balang) country is near Maningrida in the Northern Territory. He is recognised for the brilliance and innovation of his work, which combines traditional form and expression with high art. The two works in this collection illustrate a later phase in Mawurndjul's career and highlight the relationship between paintings on bark and on other forms such as hollow logs.

Object information

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