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Large tin of 'Horsielicious' mock pet food


Large tin of 'Horsielicious' mock pet food

Object information

Physical description

An unused empty tin with a glossy printed label that reads, 'Horsielicious / IT'S THE RACING INDUSTRY'S / RETIREMENT PLAN IN A CAN!'. It features a photograph of a horse with a gun site on his forehead and a red mark representing blood behind it. The reverse of the can shows six photographs, one of a horse about to be shot and five of dead horses being dissected with the text, 'ALWAYS FRESH AND EQUINELICIOUS'. The label also features a section that reads, 'INGREDIENTS: / Cruelty, Exploitation, / Abuse, Dispair, Pain, / Suffering, Plenty of Fear, Rejection / Oh and a / Variety of Unknown Drugs'. Below this further text reads, 'May contain ex-champion / racehorses, because they / KILL THEM TOO! / For entertainment purposes only. It's not really horse meat. The tin has a separate lid.

Statement of significance

This collection comprises two tins of mock pet food branded 'Horsielicious: the racing industry's retirement plan in a can', two associated posters, one leaflet, two stickers and white apron. The objects were produced by the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, a Melbourne-based animal welfare group, for use in their 2013-2014 campaign '1% to stop the slaughter'. The objects are in good condition.

The 'Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses collection' offers insight into the activities of animal welfare groups opposed to the racing industry. In recent decades, the racing industry has attracted criticism for the number of horses that are bred for the track but never make it to a race or have short careers. Since 2008 the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses has advocated for the long-term care for these horses.

Object information

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